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Title: Nadosk, the Tree City (of halflings)
Post by: Sygis on March 06, 2007, 12:52:04 AM
Hiya :)

Nadosk lies just a short walk inland (west) from the very meagre port of Oestal (a Bentheran Imperial settlement -- Benthera is the very settled, Empire-controlled continent to the ~east of Juevean).  It is the principle city of Juevean, and was originally an arboreal halfling settlement in one of the largest mujorba trees of the Great Forest (which covers most of the continent of Juevean).  It remains a 'city in a great tree' with about 4 levels (smaller and smaller in size the higher you go).

Map-wise, it's very three-dimensional, but it's quite safe to explore, and offers all the resources of Dakron Bae and Sogettek Harbor (cities on Kazaren and Benthera, two of the other three continents of Fox MUD).  Wedge mapped this city out (it was his last contribution to Fox MUD -- he was one of our four founders) and Sygis wrote it up, FYI.

(The other big cities are Derimore, a rebel stronghold on Benthera, also safe for lowbies to explore, though more geared for mid level or so, and Fellport, a very dangerous place (read: lethal to lowbies!) on the chill, distant Vrask Archipelago.)

Nadosk will see further development someday, as will all of Juevean.  For now, the continent is, as this site names it, the unexplored continent.

The best newbie area near Nadosk would probably be the tunnels under it, populated by a few halflings and molefolk known as 'diggers' (probably related to the molefolk found in the underground realm of Malchia on Benthera).

Title: Adventures in Nadosk
Post by: Sygis on March 21, 2007, 10:39:43 PM
So far, the 2nd Chapter of the story I'm slowly publishing on here takes place in Nadosk (in Obigan's Tavern, actually).  (See that post in this Juevean Forum, if interested.)  Or log into Fox, and stop in Obigan's Tavern (it's a single room, "Obigan's Tavern" and they're playing 'Split the Square' there right now ;').  The next chapter may relate a little to Nadosk, but soon the action will see the story proceed east to Oestal, and then depart from there.  But, don't worry, Obigan's is always open, so you can visit it anytime you're on Fox MUD!  :)