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1  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Re: Heresy I know, but... (FoxMUD alternatives) on: December 06, 2011, 01:14:47 PM
You got that right, Than.  WAY too blanking much stuff to deal with.  The code seems fairly clean, but *Sheesh!*  The amount of things in there is staggering at times.
2  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Re: Heresy I know, but... (FoxMUD alternatives) on: November 29, 2011, 06:35:29 AM
This may sound quite heretical on my part, but I go looking at codebases myself.  Not that I really want to try to run a mud of my own, but more for the interesting and unique features that some codebases have.  Right now, I am looking at CoffeeMUD, WOLFMud, PaIN, and a couple of others.  I know that a lot of these codebases are out of date and a few a rather dated, but it makes for interesting speculation on my part.  Otherwise, I just sit and wait for Fox to get Fixed   Grin

And there is NO other mud like Fox.  About the only other one I would even consider playing is Sloth III or I might even boot up a copy of the original Diku mud.  But to play anything else is pretty much out of the question.
3  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Re: Current outage on: November 29, 2011, 06:31:49 AM
Same here.  Having FoxMUD available when I am at work makes the day go that much faster.  As Wild said, what requirements do you have to have to host?  Maybe I can help you find something. 
4  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Something possibly to add to the website on: November 27, 2011, 10:09:15 AM
I was just wondering if there were a way to put a FoxMUD status here on the web page.  Nothing fancy.  Just a basic 'on/up' or 'off/down'.  I do try to hit the forums every day and I usually try to do that before I log on to FoxMUD.  Now I know I could pretty much tell if it is up or down with the 'players online' feature on the home page, but there are times that I am logged on there by myself (working midnights are a cast-iron PITA) and the 'players online' with no one there kind of suggests to me that the mud might be down. 

Maybe just a change of color background on the 'players online' frame?

Just an idea to think about.

Kyrie/Troya/Magyar/Cathar/et al.
5  Fox MUD / Help/Tips/Guides / Re: And Death shall be no more; on: November 06, 2011, 05:50:04 AM
Very nice Lyle.   Shocked

Makes me think about doing something like this for the rest of the maps of the world as well.
6  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Area rating list on: February 24, 2007, 02:45:21 AM
Greetings and hallucinations all.  I know I haven't been on in a while to see any new areas so I am going to try and correct that little oversight.  Anyway, Sygis and I got to thinking about rating the areas someway.  This would be for all the players to look at.  The information that it would give out would be for someone who says ..."Where can I go to get a decent return on xp for level so and so and would I be better to go in a group or run solo?"

So...the general premise is to rate the areas as to how well they will give xp for general levels (I would make it in groups of 5 levels.  i.e. 1-5, 6-10, etc.), how tough it would be to run those levels solo and in a group (power levelling players, while appreciated, won't count for this rating system.) i.e.  Tank:  6, Healer:  8, and 2 Strikers/Blasters:  5 or Solo 24 combined levels.)

We want this somewhat general and don't be afraid to let me know if you think I rate an area too high or too low.  Also, if you have any other items that you would like to see on the list which are somewhat general (no this mob in this area loads this item this often kind of stuff), just post it here.  I am going to try and start compiling a list of the areas and get top mob xp, average mob xp, and kind of a total amount of xp available in a solo run.  I'm going to usually round to the nearest 100 (for low), 1000 (for most), and 100,000 (for high) xp amounts.  I will also add the comments you folks have put up here for the areas to help out newbies and old hats alike in choosing areas for xp runs.  

Also, for each area, I would like to get a post or two about what you think is memorable about the area (if any), or why you don't care for that area very much.  You can email your thoughts to with the title Area thought in the header please (this should pass our corporate spam filter).  I'll compile all of the responses and put them into the list and let Sygis have a copy (I'll make sure your name is removed from your comment). Cheesy

When I get a few areas done, I will find somewhere to post the results and let everyone know where to find them, and I believe that Sygis said he would be willing to put some work into coding it into the mud so that players can see it directly while playing.

So, (and I qoute) "Here goes nothing..."

7  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Mud Client Topic on: December 26, 2006, 05:18:39 AM
Well, I don't think Jed will be the only one posting zMud/CMud code.  I think I am beginning to understand how to do it fairly well myself, so when I can get a machine that I can put it on and start building some code myself, I will do so.

aka Troya/Treggor
8  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Scheduled Bashing Session on: November 25, 2006, 12:27:20 AM
Usually I am on from 0000 CST (or thereabouts) until about 0500 CST Friday thru Tuesday.  I can only mud at work as the missus is using the computer at home (only have dialup there) during the rest of the time I am not sleeping.  So if you want to schedule something around that time there, I would be happy to come along and heal y'all.
9  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Mud Clients... on: October 10, 2006, 04:38:22 AM
Just to start up a new thread here...

What Mud Client are you using and why?  Give us the pros and cons of what you are using and if someone else is using the same mud client that you are, just add to that thread.  I'll get a poll going here in a little bit to see what is being used.

I'll start this off by saying that I use several different clients, depending on which machine I am on at work and at home and which OS I am currently using as that said, here is what I use primarily:

Client: zMud, Wintin.Net, Portal-GT

OS: Linux
Client: kMuddy

Client: zMud, Portal-GT.

If you haven't heard about this client, then you must be living in a hole.


Excellently configureable GUI, key bindings, macros, aliases. triggers, mapper that is second to none, scriptable, and too many other features to name.  Free 30 day trial.


It's $30 the last time I checked.  The help files are fairly complete, but for version 6.something.  7.21 is the latest.  Only a 30-day trial period.



Pretty much just like zMud.  The mapper is just a little more dificult to configure, but once you get that out of the way, it does all the same things that zMud does.  Help and support are pretty good as well, but they are all in HTML.  


It's $24 for this one (can you guess that I am cheap?).  Cripple-ware.  Until you pay the registration fee, you can only have one session running at a time (which makes no difference to those of us playing FoxMud too much).  Mapper is a little difficult to configure correctly for FoxMud (but I am working on that right now).



If you can use VB.NET, you can pretty much make this thing do whatever you want it to do.  It's FREE people.  Help files are very thorough and if you are adept at Tintin++, then you've got all the help files together.  Does come with the Tintin++ help document in the package to help you port from Tintin++ to Wintin.NET.


You have to have A)  WinXP or WinNT and B) MS .NET framework installed on your computer to use the full functionality of it.



 Fairly configureable.  Free.  Help files are okay.


You have to be running Linux with KDE to use it.  You should really know Perl or at least know how to use regexp fairly well.  Help files are okay, but hard to come by.

Those are the main ones I use, but I have tried several others.  Mostly didn't like them or they were made for just one M** more specifically.

If you are wondering where you can take a look at the different clients and get some reviews on each one, go to and then click on the resources link and then clients.

Have fun and try not to die when I am not there to raise you.   :twisted:
10  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Class Grand Lord/Lady spells/skills on: October 03, 2006, 02:41:37 AM
Just looking through the spells/skills list for each of the classes and I was checking out Sigil of Sygis.  A very nice Mage Grand Lord spell, then I was thinking what about one for each of the other classes?  Each one would have their "Patron Deity" as a Sigil.

Sigil of Adiron for thieves,
Sigil of Wedge for warriors,
Sigil of Winter for clerics.

Each would give equivalents for their sigil

Dex and Con for thieves
Con and Str for warriors
Wis and Int for Clerics
plus the detect invis, light, detect magic, etc.

While the spell casters can cast the sigil, the non spell casters can "craft" one for themselves.  

Just an idea, wondering what everyone thinks of it and could it be done?

Also, I just remembered an idea that I had a while back...

There is a magic item in Warcraft 3 called the Ankh of Ressurection.  What it would do is:  if you die, you get a miracle spell cast upon you.  I would like to see this available when there is 1 or 2 players on and no deities on at the same time.  I think that this would help out those who are on by their lonesomes.  You still would have to take the exp penalty for dying, but if you are alone on the mud, you could avoid the DM once.

I don't know about the second one, but just an idea I had.
11  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Pstealing and the Outlaw protocol. on: October 02, 2006, 02:42:10 AM
Personally, I find the idea of pthieving rather apalling.  PK is also an idea I would rather not have while playing a mud.  If someone really ticks you off, challenge them to the arena and beat the tar and feathers out of them there.  If they don't accept your challenge, then (and only then) add an outlaw flag to them.  When I was first playing the game, I would accidentally loot a PC corpse and got tagged as an outlaw.  I apologized to the player and gave back all their eq, but was still tagged with outlaw until it ran out.  I didn't like that very much.  So I would say I like FoxMud exactly as it is without PK or PT on it.  I have no problem helping out a player (new or established) as many of you have needed raises since I learned greater recall/greater gate/miracle, so if I would have accidentally looted your corpse, would you have made me an outlaw/had a vendetta against me?

Your call folks.
12  Fox MUD / Suggestions / So. You've Lorded. Now what? on: October 02, 2006, 02:32:54 AM
Let me also add that I feel that Sygis is doing betond an excellent job with FoxMud.  Also let me say that as a new immort I have goofed up a couple of times (just personal goofs, told not to do it again and go on), so I also know how limited the imms are as well.  I am trying to work my way up to be able to lend my assistance to Sygis and Kashaar so they won't feel nearly as swamped as they are and since I am on here quite a lot, I hope that I would take some of that burden off of them.  Only time will tell.

A big THANK YOU!!!! to Sygis and a hearty handshake to go with that from all of us.  Cheesy
13  Fox MUD / Suggestions / new Druid spell: photosynthesis on: October 02, 2006, 02:24:02 AM
Quote from: "Victoria"
Xar takes root and sprouts leafy foliage, turning to face the sun.

Good for laughs at the very least and it's a really cool idea overall. Maybe it should give tiny (like 3-5%) bonuses to hp regen too. Definitely in keeping with the druid nature thing.

Sounds like a good idea, but I would make the hp regen a little higher (say +10-15%) if in sun and not desert and not et al.

Or if you think you can code it, give a base +1% regen and additional bonuses with poper lighting, conditions, water, etc.

That being said...what about those plants that do better in shade (NO_SUN) than those that prefer more light (!NO_SUN)?  Should that be a factor?  What about Cacti-like plants?  They prefer desert over watery areas?  I could name some kind of plant for most "not" sectors, about the only thing I can think of that wouldn't work is NO_AIR.  

Any thoughts about it now?
14  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Re: thief 'scribe/brew': make potions thrown weapons on: September 21, 2006, 04:18:11 AM
1. do we want this?  does this represent a skill we want in the game?

I also agree that this skill would/could be useful, call it something like "throw bomb" skill.

2. what level do we want this at (I feel around thief 37 is appropriate)

This is a good level, though most of the other "breakpoints" (most desired spells/skills) occur around 36

3. stats on created throwable weapon (vial):
   a. damage?  (I suggest low, fixed by standard vial, or maybe we can
   offer better vials as popped eq and/or minor quest prizes)

I only think that a crystal vial would do maybe 1d1+0 at most.  The "breakable vials" are designed to shatter, so they would do minimal damage if any at all.

  b. spell and level should come right from potion, I'ld say...


c. I assume it cannot hold > 1 potion ... attempts to make such might
      involve a thief lord skill, just being a thief lord (or maybe only
      rogues can do that, etc.?), a better 'hurling vial'.  Further,
      while chances for creating a thrown weapon from 1 potion ought to
      be fairly likely (let's include a *gasp* dex check ;'), trying to
      a second potion ought to have a fairly large 'mishap' chance
      (anyone who ever mixed potions way back in 1st Ed. AD&D may recall
       the Chart o' Doom this harkens back to -- everyone else: imagine
       creating a cloud of poison gas, an explosion, and/or one or more
       of the potions affecting the vial preparer in bad ways)

I think this might need to take up the wield/secondary slot in eq lists...You can't wield a sword/mace/whatever while holding a "bomb".

4. Chances for success:
   a. thief prime, small bonus


b. Dex check -- average Dex is little effect, low Dex small penalty,
      slightly above ave. Dex no effect, and higher Dex offers higher

Sounds good.  Anyone can throw a "bomb", but not everyone can throw it [/u]where[/u] they want to.

c. stock empty vial has no effect, but special vials or skill
      components would (brew and scribe have components already fyi Smiley )

Stock vials give no bonuses or penalties, but special vials/skill component should give a small bonus to success of throwing the "bomb".

d. 1 potion -- no effect on chances of success
      2 potions -- greatly lowered chances of success
      3 potions -- probably no chance of success, or so low it's
                   almost impossible (say max 1%?)
      4+ potions -- no way, ever

I'd say allow only 1 "bomb" to be throw per 3 combat "rounds".  This simulates the time that is needed to:

1)     Get the potion/"bomb" out of the case
2)     "Ready" the potion for throwing (i.e. lighting a fuse)
3)     Throw the potion.

Please note, that this is just a suggestion and times can easily be modified for ease/continuity of play.

e. locale -- ideally, I'ld like to require thieves to have access to
                an alchemical lab; since we skipped this for brew (and
                scribe) I'm guessing we can just forgo this for this
                skill, too (so, aside from being attacked, location has
                little effect on this skill)

Well, if I can ever get my Brewery okayed (hint...hint...), I think I already have an idea for creating this (albeit small) area.

5. bankable/depositing created 'hurlable potions' (working name ;'),!  I am fine if we let folks bank quest prizes like
   special vials, if we opt for that, so they can accumulate such
   limited, disposable items btw

I wouldn't allow the banking of these "bomb"s.  I don't think that the Bankteller would appreciate having "unstable" and potentially lethal items in his bank, especially if someone casts an 'Earthquake' spell in DB.

Finally, this leaves only warriors without a class-specific crafting
skill (mages get scribe, clerics get brew).  Warriors should get
something one of these days (we might consider a bonus to shoot,
such as a flecthing or ammo crafting skill?).

Well, you could give the Warrior class an "increase damage" skill or "increased defense" skill so they can do a little more than the keen blade skill.  This skill would increase the damage (slightly) of weapons in the game (maybe a +1 to +5 additional damage per strike and with an upper limit of maybe +10) which would not wear down like the keen blade skill does.  With increased defense, say from a -.1AC to a max of a -1.0 AC.  This is just an idea and anyone is free to slap me around with it if they feel the urge to.

Just my $.02 worth
15  Fox MUD / General Discussion / deeper into the age query on: September 21, 2006, 03:50:50 AM
Kyrie/Troya is about 213 in game time, but she was started before the long absence, so you will have to take that into account.  I for one am glad that age doesn't affect anything in the game, since I don't believe that anyone would play any race other than elves, half-elves, dwarves, and none of the other "short-lived" races.
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