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31  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Re: Cool New Look on: November 25, 2007, 08:50:32 PM
Hey, thanks Jed.    I'll have to take a look and see if I can figure out that issue with the image not found boxes showing up.  Glad to see you around again.  Hopefully I'll catch you ingame sometime soon.
32  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Re: Hey, someplace else I can leave long, unread posts!! Woo on: September 14, 2006, 05:08:37 PM
Quote from: "Sygis"
(Btw, it's usually Fox MUD ;')  *gotta nitpick something, it's my job and my rep, after all*

Good suggestion.  I want to be consistent with the game.  I changed all the occurances that I could see.  Let me know if there is one I did not catch.
33  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Added some posts from Fox on: September 14, 2006, 05:03:46 PM
Threw a few posts up here from the suggestion board on Fox to get things started.  I put the poster's name in the title to give the original poster credit for their suggestion.
34  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Mireille: Show Command on: September 14, 2006, 05:02:31 PM
A 'show' command (syntax show player) which functions the same way as if that person were 'looking' at an object. Allows you to let someone see an item without having to transfer it to their inventory (as in shops).
35  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Sygis: Arena updates needed on: September 14, 2006, 05:01:09 PM
Hey, I get requests to use the Arena, and we're still lacking a couple
features (mostly I'm talking to myself here, but PLEASE post any input you
may have!!!! Smiley
1. echoes
   a. Joe engages Amelia -- echoed to viewing stands if Joe and Amelia start
      fighting (with Joe being the initial aggressor)
   b. Joe flees from Amelia -- if Joe flees
   c. Joe has defeated Amelia! -- if Joe is still standing and Amelia not
      (includes stunned thruogh dead on Amelia's part)
   d. Amelia has fled the Arena! -- if Amelia recalls out or uses the bail-
      out command (see below)
   e. Joe and Amelia have felled each other! -- if Joe and Amelia mutually
      stun (or worse) each other (not sure it can happen, and even if it
      can, not sure it should happen, but ...)
   f. Joe has entered the Arena -- at least echo this to spectators
   g. all echoes: do we echo that info to Arena Competators, too?
   h. rooms this is echoed to include the 'stands' plus perhaps prep room
      from which one enters the Arena?
2. Bail Out command
   a. in sealed dualing rooms (no exits) anyone who says "I give up!" is
      immediately transported out of that room
   b. I _could_ add that feature to every room in the arena -- clumsy,
      plus how to kill a few hours doing that
   c. I favor a get me out of here / I concede command specific to the
      Arena: e.g. syntax: concede, just "recalls" person out, ignoring
      no recall room settings, only works in Arena rooms
3. Some bugs linger?
...frankly, I'm just not certain.  I know we found and fixed major bugs at
two points in the past...back in the 1990's, and in the very early 2000's.
I'm not certain we don't yet have some lingering bug of consequence.  I
will need to test this, starting with death/exp/level loss bugs, if any.
Then we need to be sure you can target each other properly.  Then we may
need to fine tune damage vs. PCs ... mobs can have far more hps than PCs
can, and some PC abilities (spells or skills) can dish out really large
amounts of damage.  We may need to fine tune this by adding a special
condition: if in Arena and targetting a PC, do damage on a different
scale.  That's possibly a major adjustment, so I hope we don't need it.
If we do, I can do it, but first I have to have time for more vital
testing, then damage testing, then coding time, with time to test new
code.  Read: if we need damage adjustment for the Arena, it's going to
be broken until at least 2007....

Thanks for reading.  If you want to test this, cool.  I don't have a good
way for you to test it "today" but I'll come up with things you can test.
If you have ideas on something mentioned here, or that should have been
mentioned here, please post.  Sygis Smiley
36  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Iok: Cleric aoe vs evil on: September 14, 2006, 04:58:12 PM
I was wondering if clerics could get an area effect spell which damages
evil beings. (Or perhaps one which targets good beings for use by those
naughty evil clerics.) Also, I was thinking that maybe the mass healing
spells could target any undead in the room. Hopefully that would not be
too unbalancing.
37  Fox MUD / Suggestions / Sygis: tents for sale (better regen) on: September 14, 2006, 04:56:38 PM
Hmm, regen items like a tent -- use tent, gain regen bonus for a time,
while sleeping/resting....  For sale, one use (to use again, buy another)...
Would this work on Fox?  Btw, we do have the ability to give items a bonus
(small, medium, or large) to hp and/or mana regen rates, fyi, already.
38  Fox MUD / General Discussion / Hey All on: September 14, 2006, 12:47:56 PM
Wecome to the foxMUD board I set up.  Hope this thing gets used Smiley.
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