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Author Topic: Syngasian Tunnels and Military Outpost  (Read 4593 times)
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« on: January 23, 2007, 08:03:34 PM »

Enemies of Jayadeva, this area revolves around an outpost near that town. Syngasians are lizard men with a nasty habit of unweaving, mana blasting and tail slapping. They also cooperate a great deal, making it difficult to kill them when more than one is in the same room. Despite all this, this area is pretty good xp for a small group. With someone keeping spell shield on the tank and a high enough level sanc or mist form so that it isn't unweaved, the only thing you have to worry about really is the tail slap from the soldiers. Most of the stuff can be pushed/pulled. If you want to seperate the spy and general, one can be thrown or shot out. Same with the general if he comes in on Pavia when you are doing him, and he will if you don't deal with him. If you aren't sure you got everything before one of the calling mobs, kick them, let them call, flee and see what shows up :wink:
From the Rathskeller:

u2s19w5n;say multihued dragon;;n;say dakron bae;n;say neville;9n2wd4w2ne2n;pick wall;open wall;w

Here's the mobs:

Syngasian Soldier: 618k
Someone (a dark shadow, no obvious name): 1.2 mil
Syngasian Lieutenant: 1 mil
Syngasian Captain: 2 mil
Coqam the Weaponsmith: 2 mil
Syngasian Spy: 1.9 mil (calls soldiers and maybe some lieutenants)
Syngasian General: 2.8 mil (calls captains)
Pavia the Commandant: 20 mil (calls alot of mobs)
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« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2007, 10:32:08 AM »

Pavia mass entangles too so sometimes you can get the mobs he calls to fight him that way.

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