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Author Topic: Racial Modifiers  (Read 12247 times)
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« on: January 06, 2007, 07:36:45 AM »

As I refamiliarize myself with the Mud, and how things work out, Iím probably going to post what I find so that anybody can make use of it.  Todayís exercise(after last nights rolling up a character session)  was to document what stat mods each racs gets, as best I could.  I did this by starting to create a character of each race and assigning points, to see how far off standard human they started the char.  Below are my findings, as well as notes on the special abilities some of the races receive.  I hope you find it useful

I can only assume that these modifiers would be applied to any rolled up charactor.

1]  Human    (Builders of Cities and Rulers of Empires)
No stat modifiers

2]  Dwarf    (As hardy as the very ore they mine)
-2 int, +1 Wis,-3 Dex,+3 Con

3]  Elf      (Inhumanly brilliant, but somewhat frail)
-1str,+3 int, -1wis,-2 con, Elven Awareness of the Arcane(detect magic)

4]  Zhoryl   (Quick and hardy, but of smaller frame and mind)
-str, -1 int, +1dex,+1 con, Zhorylish Cavesight(darksight)

5]  Halfling (Darn nimble and quick, but simple and small)
-1 str, -1 int, +2 dex, Halfling Instincts(detect alignment)

6]  Gnome    (Quite bright, but very small folk)
-2str, +2int, Gnomish Sense of the Unseen(detect invisibility)

7]  Fairy    (Supernaturally fast and agile, but most frail)
-2 str, +1 int, -1 wis, +3 dex, -2 Con

8]  Half Orc (Strong and tough, but not exactly clever)
+2 str,-2 int, -1 wis, +1con, Orcish Enhanced Senses(sense life)

9]  Giant    (Stronger than an ox, and nearly as simple-minded)
+3str, -3 Int, _2 wis, -1 Dex, +2 con

10] Drakin   (An ancient race, aged, slow, and blessed with wisdom)
-1 str, +3 wis, -3dex,

11] Half Elf (Heirs to some elven strengths and weaknesses)
-1str, +1int,

12] Merfolk  (Aquatic folk, strong and able to breath air and water)
+2 str, -1 int, -1 dex, Merfolk Gills(water breathe)

13] Raptyr   (Winged folk, hawk-like, most at home in the air)
-2 wis, +1 dex, +1 con, Raptyr Wings(fly)

14] Tabor    (Small, arboreal beast folk, hardy and very strong willed)
-1int, +2 wis, -2 Dex, +1 con
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« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2007, 08:41:50 AM »

Wow, nice work.

alis == Than Wink
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« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2013, 06:29:01 AM »

Something I stumbled across recently, Faerie's are immune to Faerie Fire.  Very handy considering they tend to die very quick when things hit them.
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