Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Eight

Rumors of an Ancient Evil

Recent travellers have arrived this week from a distant continent. Upon disembarking their ships, and rushing off to down several cold pints, they spoke in hushed voices of odd rumors and missing friends.

A few of the folk about Dakron Bae have also reported odd dreams, some describing these same travellers arriving with tales of doom. While the faces of the travellers vary, their tale, from their own lips, or as recounted by the dreamers, does not vary. While vague, it always tells of a terrible evil, more powerful than any faced by almost anyone living. This evil starts far off, but if unchecked, will consume even this city, in time.

Several groups have tried to find research into this matter, and have uncovered many possibilities. No records have yet come to light to clearly detail the nature of this evil, save for a terrible vision by one of the elder patriarchs of the Sacred Order. He awoke shaking, bleeding from his eyes, ears, and mouth, and managed to speak only this before he died:

"The hand reaches out again, and the fingers severed serve their master anew!"

The city of Darkon Bae will be sponsoring an expedition to attempt to learn more, if possible. Those forces will depart shortly.

Some Travellers Sporting Bronzed Skin

While the beach south of the city proves a popular spot for visitors seeking a warmer clime, several travellers have been seen recently with truly amazing bronze tans. So deep is their hue, they almost seem to sport metallic skin!

None have commented upon this, save one man who smirked, and explained, in a thick Bentheran accent, that the blessings of Citanul were many, and great.

New Matriarch Seen in Darkon Bae

After many months of exploration, and having helped many fellow travellers, one of Dakron Bae's own has been recognized for her accomplishments, and granted a title. Earlier this week, Lady Kyrie (once known as Troya) became a Matriarch, a clerical lord dedicated to upholding and protecting that which is good and sacred.

As a Matriarch, she will gain access to the greatest healing and restorative prayers accessible to clerics, and follows in the footsteps of many others, including fellow Lords/Ladies Candy, Ldyorage, Dyfed, Fellwar, Kenny, & Lorek.

Small Animals Trained in Mage Maze

Recent reports suggest an odd variety of animals have been training in the Mage Maze around the Tower of the Guild of Mages here in Dakron Bae. From dogs and newts to bats and rats and even a large spider, a clutter of animals has been running about the maze, and several of the city streets, apparently learning all manner of tricks.

Several graduates from recent years have been spotted training these animals, paired off one per mage. Claiming them as 'familiars,' they have even tried to bring them into the Harbour View restaurant. Mian quickly put a stop to that, however. As she said, "even if we do serve it on the table, we do not serve it at the table."

Several citizens have remarked that these animals seemed to have become far more comfortable around large groups, and have become quite sociable. Most were of the opinion that no matter how well trained a giant spider is, it's still a giant spider.

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