Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Eleven

Marauders Attack Caravan

A dozen wagons were recently attacked by marauders on the Caravan Trail. Among those valuables taken were the personal sigils of several senior merchants. Enchanted as they are, these represent both significant monetary value and a personal arcane link to each merchant.

As such, these merchants would be most appreciative if you could return one or more of these sigils to the Merchant's Council in Dakron Bae. One of their senior custodians will accept these sigils if you give them to him.

As these sigils are enchanted against such spells as 'locate' or 'conjure' you will need to resort to more mundane means in searching them out. This attack was well coordinated, and several of the more degenerate races were reported to have participated.

Thieves' Guild Opens New Cavern

The Guild of Thieves welcomes neophyte, like-minded folk to a training area ideal for those learning how to backstab their foes.

Deep under our fair city, dog-sized soft-shelled crabs have long dwelt in a natural cavern. These slow-witted brutes prove easy prey for even inexperienced thieves, and the Guild of Thieves has opened access to their cave for those who wish a little practice at backstabbing relatively easy victims.

Unweave Research Completed

The Guild of Mages has announced a refinement in the 'unweave' spell, allowing it to be targetted against standing magical effects of less than permanent duration.

According to the Archmagus, "Should one encounter a standing harmonic of arcane energies, proper comprehension of disruptive patterns or energies can easily dispel such a phenomenon. More perfect harmonics, such as those associated with so-called 'permanent' effects, at least as gauged against such time frames as human lifespans, tend to prove too stable to be so easily disrupted."

"This targetting can be extended to superficial enchantments set on small, discrete objects like swords and robes and barrels and such."

Tobias Makes New Offering

Tobias, head of the Guild of Smiths and Crafters for Dakron Bae, wishes to announce a new choice for those seeking custom work: a forged warhammer.

"Costs 'bout same as sword, hit almost as hard, take m'ybe one less bar."

"Also been workin' on magic torch, but not got it to work just right yet."

"You wants stock stuff, or m'ybe ta sell sumthin', talk to me sons. You need good forge wurk, see me. But leave me wife alone, kay."

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