Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Five

Rumors of Giant Creatures & Hulking Plants!

Rumors of enlarged creatures and plants abound around Dakron Bae, further evidence many say of tampering on the part of the Guild of Mages going back years or longer.

Cited are the crabs patrolling the beach around the bay, while later a colony of enormous bees was also sited. Reports about other large bugs in nearby fields remain spotty, but seem to date back at least a few years.

The City Garden northeast of Dakron Bae was heralded as a major accomplishment designed to increase crop yields as well the creation of a marvelous art form based on horticultured beings, an interactive display of animate plants. But the massive beanstalk, complete with its own collection of giant bugs, huge animals and even a minor earth elemental, suggests the magic has reached much farther and affects, or infects, more than just ornamental flowers. Rumors have even circulated that the very earth beneath this garden has been contaminated!

And it seems to have spread to wild weeds, like thistles in the chill highlands north of the city. Travellers have even reported roaming haggis, though in their case we suspect necromancy was involved, as well.

Unnatural experimentation has run rampant, creating such pockets of magically altered animals, and even plants. Not only are all quite large, and therefore far more dangerous, but many also seem far more intelligent, and bent on more humanistic aims and organization than natural for such creatures.

Publication Abroad Looms for the Herald

The Dakron Bae Weekly Herald is finalizing plans to offer back issues of this paper abroad. Details are being arranged so those visting the distant land of the Web will also be able to read our publication, albeit slightly after the original date of publication. As ever, for those wanting the latest news available, as accurate as any paper in Dakron Bae, the Herald is your source!

Jed Receives Award from Guild of Literacy

Once again the travelling cartographer Jed has distinguished himself. This time he received Highest Honors from the Literary Society of the Vulpine Realms, an august body of scholars who hailed his keen eye and logistical skills in promoting literacy and furthering excellence in communication.

Rumor has it he was awarded their highest prize, a lengendary prismatic helix, whose power is said to be unmatched in both scope and versatility, though each such helix is consumed after but one use.

His only competition of note for this year's award was Santos, Master of Newts. Santos will be awarded a prized scroll of enchanting, a most powerful scroll created by ritual magics requiring weeks of casting by several archmages. We are told it has the power to further enchant nearly any magical item, something generally beyond the scope of enchanting spells.

Congrantulations, Jed and Santos!

Vacant Shops Available for Enterprising Individual

With the advent of the reconstruction (conjuration!) of the new Guild of Mages tower here in Dakron Bae, several storefronts have become vacant, once occupied by long established businesses offering potions or scrolls along Seer Street.

While these businesses have relocated to within the tower of the Guild of Mages itself, their former locations stand vacant, empty husks ready for new tenants. Those interested in setting up shop should contact the Merchant Council of our city, as opportunities abound.

The Council suggests an established Lord might take over one of those as a business, allowing their holdings as a Lord to make them a profit (run in conjunction with others of their Guild or Clan). Nearly a half a dozen good locations, total, are now available around Dakron Bae.

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