Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Four

Holiday Greetings to All

We of Fox MUD wish you and yours a marvelous holiday season this year. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Cheery Kwanza, and Happy Yuletide! And may you all have a Happy New Year!

Guild of Mages opens New Hedge Maze

The Guild of Mages has completed work on their Mage Maze. Unlike the conjured tower of dull black stone, these were hedges coaxed into growing by less dramatic spells. The Archmagus has informed us all are welcome within, and no harm will come to those who do not seek trouble themselves.
The maze is said to be relatively simple, and a good test for the developing skills of fledgling mages. The Guild of Mages appreciates the intense effort of those who have helped complete the hedge itself, as well as the clockwork constructs which tend to the hedge and the paths.

Ingrid Expands Local Business

Ingrid wishes to announce her Rathskeller has expanded, with a private banquet hall located downstairs from the Rathskeller proper. She thanks her many patrons for their years of loyalty, and invites you to spend the holidays in joyful celebration at her tavern.

Local Cartographer Aids Kris Kringle

In a remarkable turn of events, a motley gathering of shady characters has pilfered just over a half a dozen custom harnesses from one S. Claus. Mr. Claus has sought aid from the good-hearted wanderers known to frequent the Free City of Darkon Bae. One local cartographer and adventurer, Jed by name, assisted Mr. Claus. Enough of his enchanted harnesses were recovered that, with the quick refurbishing of some of the better retired harnesses, he was able to make his appointed rounds on Christmas Eve. Word has it Jed got something very special in his stocking this year, as well!

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