Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Fourteen

Tales of a Ghostly Realm

From the distant isles known as the Vrask Archipelago, a few explorers recently spoke in hushed tones about a place they encountered. The very light and air seemed muted, cold, distant, and almost hostile. They stumbled across an odd tower amidst unnatural grasslands. Within, terrible abominations claimed at least half their number before they fled in terror.

When pressed, they admitted they had stumbled upon ancient documents in the library at the Institute mentioning the sorceress Lwyvihlish and her dwelling at the edge of the 'pale.' Suspecting this might tie in with the villainess who betrayed Myske while studying under him, they found entrance to this otherworldly realm on the isle east of the 'Span' which connects it with Zuktar Isle. They were expecting to find ruins of her stronghold, or some distant relative or descendant, perhaps even of the same name. Their suspicions are, now, that Lwyvihlish yet lived, and has grown terrible in her power and madness.

Dark and Shadowy Happenings

Of late, a variety of rumors have come from the darker, more shadowy parts of the city, as well as the lands beyond. Tale speak of explorers encountering those who seem to be able to become one with the shadows, slipping effortlessly past guards and observers into the most unlikely or improbably locales.

Adiron, Guildmaster of the Guild of Thieves, left the editors a note explaining that, for the experienced thief, deep shadows are a path, not just a cloak ... though how the note was left in our strongbox in our offices remains unclear.

Even darker tales speak of those who call upon the darkness, daring to draw power from the Void itself, striking down their foes with umbral power of a fearsome sort. One poor lad was even struck blind in such an encounter, though we understand he later recovered -- unlike his unfortunate associates. He recalls some dark priest uttering what sounded like 'jhhzfeabrat' before he was gravely wounded. More recently, he claims to have seen them, no longer living but also not at rest, in his darkest nightmares.

An Ancient Vulpine Lord Sighted

From the earliest times, while the world was yet forming, a few dozen Lords of the Vulpine Realms set their will to creating the continents of this world. One of the oldest of these, aside from the Four Founders (Adiron, Moksha, Throm, and Wedge) was Virus, worshipped by the Ispep priestess and mentor of the tower of death, hidden stronghold of mages beyond the shadow grove.

Quite recently, various visionaries and clerics have reported signs that Virus has once again returned to the Vulpine Realms and is active once more. None may say for certain what this heralds, yet most agree it shows that ancient powers may always return, even after a great time has passed.

Other rumors have circulated that the Bloody Handed Warrior of Might, Wedge himself, recently visited, albeit in a guise unknown to most.

Travellers' Tales: Highland Town

The highlands north of the city state of Dakron Bae are ruled by Queen Julia from her castle. As the castle is frequently beseiged by northman raiders, the town of Kentallen often must see to its own day to day affairs.

A somewhat rough place, it offers visitors various shops -- skean dhu (daggers), kilts, sporran, bagpipes, and haggis are included in such offerings -- as well as a fine place to stretch ones legs in the cool, clear air. Rumors suggest the bar has a rather seedy crowd at times ... folk best left to their own devices. And the rather closed community often refuses to do business with outsiders, which sometimes creates rather heated arguments with shopkeepers.

The largest building in town is the guards' townhouse, a tall, stone walled keep housing the town guardsmen. Austere, damp and a bit run down, it proves to be a relatively secure location housing hardy men with little humor about them.

Set on the banks of the local lake, or 'loch' as it is know to Kentallens, it is a very old town, steeped in tradition if a bit poor of coin. About the town, wild haggises roam, and one occassionally encounters a rugged thistle. Rumors speak of less fair creatures who dwell under the hills nearby. For the truly hardy, a dip in the chill loch offers a chance to swim amongst the salmon.

To the northwest of the townhouse, an icy portal leads to the far north of Kazaren -- a frozen, hostile realm only partially explored. The townsfolk largely ignore it, and none show any interest in venturing forth through it.

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