Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Nine

Wild Tales from the Vrask Archipelago

Recently rumors have been spreading from merchants seeking to improve trade with the various settlements on the island chain known as the Vrask Archipelago. Rugged, rocky terrain, dotted with dense forests and putrid swamps, it offers resources of timber, fish, wild game, and a few exotic herbs.

Those merchants who have returned speak of an unforgiving land, full of danger, less full of the promise of riches. The only established shipping route docks just south of Cerulean Keep, a well defended fortress with only limited trade prospects and meagre comforts for those not among its citizenry.

New rumors have arisen about a luxious inn, finely appointed, and quite hidden by terrain or even magic from the casual observer. Known as the Gilded Griffon Inn, reports suggest it caters to the tastes of those who can afford life's finest without regard to other rigid standards, save that of civility while within its walls. Far more have sought such pleasant refuge than have found it, according to various reports from that region.

Even stranger rumors have arisen since the ill-fated quest explored the region known as the Darkwood Swamp. While apparently successful, all of its members suffered grevious wounds, or worse, during that quest. Further exploration has revealed a deep ravine a short distance further inland on that second isle, at the base of which is a mysterious cavern. Odd smells and 'squishy sloshing sounds' occassionally issued forth. One brave group entered, but only one of their warriors managed to stagger out, horrible scarred by massive bites and acid burns. His final words were hard to understand, as he had a broken jaw, as well, but were reported to be something akin to "Lake Serta" and "Noo'Tah".

Further explorations of the isle east of the span have been delayed for an undetermined period of time.

Vulpine Lords Announce New Member

The mysterious group known collectively as the Vulpine Lords have announced a new member. Troya, a healer of good reputation, has been accepted into their ranks.

Rumor has it Troya is in exceptionally good spirits, and finds great enjoyment in games of great scope, which she has been pursuing in her spare time.

Letters of Credit and Trade Bars Available

The Merchants' Bank of the Free City of Dakron Bae has announced it will be allowing established customers to issue letters of credit, providing they prove themselves capable and trustworthy. This would permit purchasing good and services without needing to carry raw sums of gold coins on one's person, a far riskier venture in some quarters. Those interested may inquire at the bank in Dakron Bae (simply mention letters of credit to the bankteller).

In addition, those who wish to trade in precious metal directly may now do so at any bank. Trade bar values and trade rates have been established for trade bars of silver, gold, and platinum: ten silver trade bars are equivalent to one gold trade bar, and five gold trade bars are equiavalent to one platinum trade bar. Additionally, these may be traded for bars of forgable metal; forgable metal bars, however, can not be traded away, only for.

Rumors of Sleeping Corpse

Deep in the collapsing graveyard in the southern reaches of the Eerie Forest, a group of travellers reputedly came across a sleeping corpse. By the wounds it had suffered, she could not yet be alive, yet she was apparently in a very deep sleep, unbreathing yet apparently dreaming vividly, from her closed-eye blinking and occassional nearly-silent murmurs. Healing spells were of no use, and none present could summon greater divine power to attempt to aid her.

They reported this to the Sacred Order, but upon returning, found only the typical stumbling zombies and other assorted undead. She had simply vanished.

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