Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue One

New Mage Guild Conjured in Dakron Bae

A thunderous storm gathered last week above the Guild of Mages on Seer Street. Flashing lights, swooping creatures, and noxious mists were reported by several innocent bystanders. At least one dog has gone missing, and several aged men of uncertain address have reported poor hearing since the incident. Moments later, a macabre structure of black stone had risen from the site of the old mage guild hall. The archmagus had little details to offer us, save that he and the archmages of the guild had indeed worked this 'great conjuration.' In an exclusive interview, Symon Draco gave us his insights on the matter: "I'm sure it was terrible powerful, them spells! Why, me own pet turtle just hasn't been the same since, poor Myrtle."
Citizens have reported hearing strange sounds coming from the grounds about the new tower, as well. And despite his years tending the Gardens northeast of town, rumors have surfaced that Dale has been forbidden access to the hedges surrounding the tower, hedges raised to conceal...what?!

Street Urchins on the Increase

The Herald has been getting increasing reports of street urchins across Dakron Bae. Watch Commander Horace briefly commented that such wretches aren't a threat to the public peace, and he's not paid by the Sacred Order. The Sacred Order assured the Herald their efforts would not cease, but their resources are not limitless, and they cannot help those who do not accept their aid. Several rumors suggest others may also be assisting these foundlings, but noone seemed willing to comment about that. All that could be learned is somewhere in the southern half of Dakron Bae, someone seemed willing to offer these street urchins a home.

Mysterious Newt Spotted Peeping Again

Several reports have come in from the merchant's district, as well as poorer sections of Dakron Bae, of newts behaving oddly. Those sewer newts, already a minor plague on the city, have begun to spook several reputable citizens. Said a woman of fine breeding, who asked we not use her name, "Those foul beasts are not only underfoot in the streets, but just last week my maid saw one peeping in the window! It's disgraceful, absolutely disgraceful! Why, it startled her so badly, she dropped a perfectly good crystal chalice!" Another report came from a student recently rejected by the Guild of Mages. "I heard tell them mages is learning students how ta watch them newts. They sure better watch 'em! They is up ta no good, them dirty newts, and them mages, neither!"

Surveyor Injured Outside City Walls

As part of the Council of Merchants for the Free City of Dakron Bae annual surveying of Lands and Defenses, several surveyors were hired to look over the walls and surrounding lands again this year. Misfortune struck one of the surveyors, who remains bedridden after being cared for in the city infirmary, when he abruptly fell from the sky. When interviewed, he said he had just purchsed a remarkable scroll, which he understood to be a self-mapping scroll. In hindsight, he feels the price paid for the tattered scroll may have been a bit fortuitous, especially since it disintegrated in his hands, and unwove his spell of flight in the process. When asked, he suddenly seemed to have forgotten from whom he purchased the crumbling scroll. Upon further investigation, the Master Scribe assured the Herald the Guild of Mages has no such scroll for sale, and his records indicate they have never produced such a 'crumbling scroll.'

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