Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Seven

Research Cooperation Yields Powerful Spell

After much high level research between the Guild of Mages of Kazaren, the Arcanist's Guild of Benthera, the Temple of the Sacred Order, and the Imperial Temple of Citanul, word of a new, powerful spell has reached this paper.

A powerful spellcaster arrived recently in the Rathskeller, bleeding heavily and seemingly near collapse. Numerous witnesses recount how he was almost delirious with pain, but kept muttering how he had just escaped the Crystal Mages in the Vrask Archipelago. He vanished moments later, but the questions raised by this event led the Herald to inquire further.

The Archmagus was as tight lipped as ever, suggesting such matters would be clear to those with sufficient means to master the requisite magics, or some such. The Grand Patriarch of the Sacred Order was far more forthcoming, and explained that indeed a new age has dawned, and the spell in question was a marked improvement on and empowerment of the legendary 'Word of Recall' spell, but one which allows the caster to retreat to the continent of their choice. He referred to it as the 'Greater Recall' spell.

He also mentioned that the complexity of the spell would prevent even successfully brewed potions or scribed scrolls of it to fail to reach other continents, though they might serve as well as those imbued with thee far less complex Word of Recall spell. Renowned Smith Treated by Sacred Order The renowned smith of Dakron Bae, Tobias, has been treated recently by the Sacred Order for progressively deteriorating hearing. Known as 'forge deafness,' this affliction affects most smiths over time as the din of their work gets to the best of them.

Tobias seemed quite pleased, though his sons seemed to have become unusually silent except for matters of business as they tend the armor and weapon shops. His customers have repeatedly remarked he can hear them much more clearly now, and they find they no longer need to repeat themselves in order to get items forged.

One of the patriarchs at the Sacred Order explained that Tobias had done quite a bit of work for the temple, especially the ironwork for the cemetary, so even when they cast a version of 'Mass Remove Curse' upon him, they granted their services freely. He did remark that while they extended it to affect his entire family, so his sons did not have to leave the stores untended, it seemed to draw an unbelievable amount of power -- far more than they would have expected.

Random Miracles: Boons from on High

Over the past few weeks, dozens of residents of Dakron Bae have reported a host of miraculous healings, as well as many simply feeling refreshed and rejuvenated as if from a good night's sleep, all in a single instant.

Often a glowing white light accompanied these events, but not always. And sometimes these sponateous healings seemed as likely to preceed injury as to follow it.

One report from Wyrm Alley actually suggested a small kitten, inadvertantly slain during a duel between a mercenary and a young wizard, suddenly sprang back to life and raced from the alley! As the witness saw it from the window in the Drachenbrau overlooking the alley, confirmation has been difficult.

The Sacred Order has no explaination for these events, other than to suggest additional donations may help keep the good will of the divine powers shining down from on high.

Odd Robed Figure Spotted Repeatedly

An odd, distracted figure has been spotted briefly in all quarters of the city, and even in various lands beyond the walls of Dakron Bae. Clad in flowing white robes, the grey haired man seems to peer intently at the oddest things (a single frayed sock, a pewter ring, a pair of soggy boots, a simple wooden staff, or some moldy goblin rations), or stare into space, all the while muttering to himself.

One report even mentioned a small, blue skinned humanoid, no larger than a gnome, accompanying him when he visited the Rathskeller. Another saw him speaking with a gutteral human of barbaric nature, a being whose name sounded more like a growl.

Others have mentioned his presence at sealed portals or jammed doors, and some swear he knew their names without being told. A couple of aged veterans mention they used to hear stories about him, in years past, but thought it was just a myth.

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