Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Six

Shards of Enchanted Crystal Sought

Recently a call went out to all interested wanderers and explorers. The Mage Guild of Dakron Bae asked the assistance of those who frequently travel the world across. It seems they have been seeking a very specific sort of mineral shard, a bit of crystal generally found embedded in and often peeking out from a dull bit of stone

Assisting them in this was the League of Traders and Bankers, spanning several continents and many independant lands. Gathered with their assistance, the Guild of Mages was able to amass a considerable collection of such shards, roughly a bit over a hundred separate samples. Praise, and their rewards, went out to Jed the Cartographer, with considerable effort shown by Balrog the 'Death Dealer' as well.

Teleport Spell Works Once Again!

The Guild of Mages has recently succeeded in overcoming shifts in the aether and massive surges of magic in enabling the 'teleport' spell to be safely used by moderately experienced mages. Considerable testing has stablized the spell so it is now safe from horrific disruption when attempting to materialize a teleporter within solid stone, partial or splinter teleportation (segmenting the victim into two or more sections), or simply the failure of the teleporter to reassemble anywhere at all. Unconfirmed rumors also suggest that the problem with the teleporter winding up in the donation box have been corrected, as well.

Rumors suggest this orderly refinement of the teleport spell has slightly lessened its reach, but any such limitation is rapidly being rectified as final field testing continues due in no small part to various volunteers. And the Guild of Mages was quick to point out that, "...while these deadly flaws have been remedied after years of research and considerable arcane formulae rooted in a broad sampling of shards of magical crystal surveyed and collected from about the world, considerable care ought to be exercised by any who contemplate hurling oneself willynilly into the aether, as one can never be quite certain whom or what one might encounter as a result."

Of course, some mishaps have occured, such as the traveller who nearly dropped in on a figure of dread legend, Xargon, Lord of Undead, as well as those who found assorted sealed or abandoned chambers nearly impossible to escape. And the vocabulary of one young explorer was forever expanded after interrupting a particularly gruff hermit in the wee hours of the night. A rather unfortunate result did nearly result in a fatality, but it was the shock of the teleporter arriving in her bath chamber that the quite elder matriarch of one of our merchant houses nearly succumbed to. The teleporter in that case was considered fortunate to suffer only slight hearing loss -- his hearing should be fully recovered long before he is released from prison.

Young Jed Eyes Achievements

Building on his recent and less recent successes and great deeds, Jed the Mapper has been recognized as the First Lord of the 12th Year, Vulpine Reckoning. He has mastered the skills of the warrior, and been proclaimed a Sellsword -- master of combat, neither bound by a code of chivalry and honor or by a Reaver's insatiable thirst for bloodshed, but a balance between the two.

The Herald salutes young Jed I as he caps off quite a successful week, and continues to make a name for himself all this month.

New Imports from Exotic Places

Quite an interesting assortment of sample good was recently received by ship from far off Juevean. Only a small assortment of good was sent, just a few samples to whet the appetites of the curious, but it was well received.

A curious collection of craftable wood occurs on that continent far to the southwest of Kazaren. A hard, medium brown wood from what are described as impossibly massive mujorba trees makes excellent furiture, with a few pieces displaying intricate and fascinating grain. A hollow wood with odd uses, called bamboo, was also recently imported. The natives use it for various tool handles, blow tubes, and for rather elegant if unusual containers, such as one designed to hold a few scrolls.

Continued exports will be available, though one cannot simply find most of these from, say, the Customs House in Oestal, since all sea trade into or out of Juevean is under the control of the Great Empire of Benthera, and shipments leaving the port of Oestal go directly from Benthera to Juevean, such as to Sogettek Harbor, before they ever reach such Karazenian ports as Dakron Bae. Still, such exotic goods will doubtless be in demand such that even a small shipment will cause an excited stir.

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