Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Ten

Vulpine Lords Announce Two New Members

The Lord of the Vulpine Realm are proud to announce two more have joined their immortal ranks: Than (whom many knew as Talis) and Victoria (whom many knew as Mireille).

Than has pursued an independant project involving a new, parallel board system on his website, using phpBB (threaded bulletin boards), and is saving up his creative energies before he digs into his first area.

Victoria is advancing at a breakneck pace, and is about halfway through her first area in a record-breaking couple of weeks! Look for it perhaps as early as October of this year!

Kudos to you both, and thanks for stepping 'up' in several ways. Sygis, DoB ;')

Talis Honored

The Council of Merchants wishes to honor Talis for his achivements. He has recently mastered all four pathes of the adventurer, and ranks among other great masters, the first of whom, in recorded history, was Ross, self styled "Master of Lords."

Talis has also proven to be one of the few clerics to reach such a level of mastery. However, as the Sacred Order has condemned Talis for his choice of Necromancy, we regret the public celebration we had planned has been cancelled, and offer this announcement, instead.

Well done, Talis, well done!

Sacred Order promotes sobriety

The Sacred Order, the order of clerics who built and maintain the cathedral in the northwest section of our fair Dakron Bae, wish to express their concerns over the upcoming harvest festivals.

"While we encourage celebration for the season's bounties, they also wish to recommend moderation. For those for whom this becomes difficult, we now offer training in a newly revealed clerical prayer: 'sobriety of the Sacred Order.'" -- the Grand Patriarch of the Sacred Order

Rumor has it they have also been working on a ritual enchantment called 'temperance' which will serve an allied purpose, though it has yet to be fully revealed, and as a ritual, will probably not be learnable, though it may appear as an enchantment on magical items at some point.

Whispers of the Sylphs and Borm's Dream Trance Quest

The Council of Merchants has discovered a marvelous new communications spell.

For some months now, a newly researched spell has been available through the temple of Borm, Lord of Dreams. Called 'whispers of the sylphs' it allows the recipient to hear and respond to distant voices while asleep.

For those less skilled in magic, or unwilling to devote the time to study such an esoteric spell, Borm's temple also allows questers to gain this ability innately. Known as "Borm's Dream Trance Quest" it simply extends the 'mindsight' skill to allow them to act as if they were under the influence of the 'whispers of the sylphs' spell. This quest can be completed before one learns 'mindsight' but until 'mindsight' is learned, this ability will remain dormant.

The Council of Merchants has found this spell to be extremely useful, and most of their members have been eager to master this spell. With it, one may participate in conversations with one's guild or clan while asleep as easily as one could while fully awake.

Such communications should extend the times during which conversations are possible, though a few have objected to being chatted with at all hours.

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