Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Thirteen

Another Isle in Bay of Rantarius

Tales have been reaching the Guild of Travellers in Dakron Bae about a newly discovered isle in the Bay of Rantarius south of the city's sandy beach. Apparently long used by pirates, rumors also abound about ghosts of past island natives. 'round the tables at the Drachenbrau, a few tales speak of something even darker and more fearsome that just ghosts on that isle, as well!

The routes to sail there remain closely guarded secrets the pirates keep to themselves, but apparently those able to visit the tritons can find their own way there.

Mian Offers 'Potion of Fresh Air'

Mian, the hostess and owner of the fine restaurant in the southwestern corner of the Annex (the southern portion of Dakron Bae) has announced a new offering which is proving quite popular among both local folk and visitors to our fair city, especially those of more refined breeding. Already known as a 'potion of fresh air,' she sells a delightful concoction of rosewater and mint which helps keep the less pleasent odors of the city quite at bay during such times as good folk must venture into the Annex. Several of the editors have tried her new product, and can honestly say it was quite refreshing!

Lost Sanctuary of Myske Discovered

Deep under the sea, in the deepest part of the Bay of Rantarius, explorers have stumbled across a heretofore unknown door at the base of a towering mesa. Once past this hidden door, they discovered a complex built into the stone of the mesa. Hallways at first flooded and dark gave way to still well lit corridors. A variety of laboratories, dwellings, and odd chambers were found, along with undersea folk little seen outside this place: lacustrians, a peaceful folk of deep devotion to Vushlah, Elemental Lord of Water, Wave King and Deep's Lord.

Rumors speak of a powerful wizard who once dwelt there, a gnomish inovator who left behind many curious works.

Travellers' Tales: Mount Grumbash

From the collection of various explorers' journals kept in the City Archives, as well as renewed interest in 'goblin mountain,' comes a small collection of tales about Mount Grumbash, one of the largest peaks in the Basalt Mountains.

The Basalt Mountains, east of Dakron Bae and reachable (and crossable) via the Caravan Trail, divide the lush, verdant Forest Dyr from the arid, unforgiving Desert of Desolation. The Trail leads right to one entrance to Mount Grumbash, the entrance used by the goblins who dwell within, lurking in dark, natural caverns.

Countless generations of Hob-Goblin chieftains have whipped their kin, both Hob-Goblin (or 'greater goblin') and 'regular' goblins alike, into a blood-thirsty frenzy to assault the folk of the Forest of Dyr. For several of their generations, the current Forest Protector, Crintapos the Green, has led forces native to the forest -- both elven and treefolk -- to keep the goblins completely at bay.

Still, the goblin folk dwell under their mountain, occassionally disturbed by adventurous explorers seeking their fortune, or their doom, in the dark depths under Mount Grumbash. More recently, several other previously unexplored regions of the nearly endless tunnels and caverns have yieleded their secrets, while many mysteries remain, as yet, unsolved.

Most recently, a great door of dark steel has been discovered near the entrance to a hidden workshop filled with constructs. Other seeming dead ends have also been discovered. For now, they remain a mystery, but perhaps someday they will lead to new wonders.

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