Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Three

Travellers' Tales: the Intic People

A savage folk have been reported in the jungles of Benthera, the continent far south of our native Kazaren. They call themselves the Intic, but further communication has proved difficult, as their language seems incomprehensible to most. Several adventurers have met their fate in their village temples, where bloodthirsty gods are given dark homage. One traveller has sketched out a map:

Layout of the Intic Temples:
                  |    Itzamna    |  Tlaloc  |   Camaxtli   |
+  Tezcatlipoca   |                                         | Quetzalcoatl |
+-----------------+           +-----------------+           +--------------+
+   Xochipilli    |           | Mictlantecuhtli |           | Tlazolteotl  |
+-----------------+           +-----------------+           +--------------+
+ Huitzilopochtli |                                         |   Camazotz   |
                  |Chalchiuhtlicue|          |  Huhueteotl  |
                  +---------------+----------+--------------+  (map by Gotrek)

An Interview with Cupperous Lodestone

' _________________________       Cupperous Lodestone, Adept Alchemist and
 /  Cupperous Lodestone    \      Proprietor of Curiosities and Concoctions in
| Fine Alchemical Products |      La Theatre on Merchant's Way, has graciously
|                          |      offered our readers some advice on components
| o Great Prices           |      and their storage.  "I'ld be overburdened if
|  o Rare Concoctions      |      I hadn't gotten my first velvet pouch early
|   o Top Price Paid for   |      on.  Why settle for just getting gold when
|     Assorted Components  |      you can carry off crucial parts, err, potion
 \_________________________/      components after a battle?"  Mr. Lodestone
                                  is also the Herald's first advertisor.
(Advertising space Available)     Good business to you, Cupperous Lodestone!

Strange Sounds, Lights and Rumors

An assortment of rumors has surfaced over the last few days, seemingly unrelated save that they all started about the same time. From deep in the sewers come faint rustlings, while patrons of Ingrid Jarlsdotter's Rathskeller have reported odd rattlings, seemingly from within the walls themselves. A pair of vacationers have sighted odd lights in the sealed uppermost chambers of the Mind's Eye Inn on the Isle of Dreams, south of Dakron Bae in the Bay of Rantarius. One drunken vagrant, far gone into his bottle, was heard to mutter he'ld heard the 'red rogue' has returned; he could not later be found for confirmation or further comment.

Herald Back Issues Now on File

We have arranged for back issues of the this paper to be made available in the Reading Room. The Reading Room is located in the upper floor of the Guild of Travellers, across West Dragon Street from Morgan's Pet Shop. Many readers may already be familiar with this as a quiet spot to puruse the city message board.

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