Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Twelve

Orientation for New Arrivals

The spirit of a small, auburn fox recently appeared in our fair Dakron Bae, informing us that under the Travellers' Guild are a couple of chambers where those truly new to our land may find remedial orientation. Those completely new to the Vulpine Realm will arrive there, while any who wish to assist them in their fledgling efforts may meet them there.

These few chambers lead to their guildmaster, from where they can explore our world, and have close at hand a region ideal for them to explore: Warriors' Guild -- beneath Wedge, through the portal, is the chull warren Thieves' Guild -- near Adiron, down the stairs, is the softshell crab cavern Clerics' Guild -- below the Grand Patriarch awaits the undead bits collection Mages' Guild -- about the Mage Tower, the Mage Maze has many small constructs

...as you read this, the spirit of the auburn fox appears before you, smiles a toothy grin while its tongue lolls out to one side, happy and comfortable, as it speaks in a clear, soft voice, "Feel free to explore these three chambers, so you might know them should you want to help newcomers in their first few steps." The fox vanishes as mysteriously as it appeared, leaving you with a sense of ancient power and kindly intent... .

The editors note the same experience when they started writing this story, despite their offices being completely warded against gates and teleporters.

Rumors of a New Dark Spell

The Sacred Order has warned that a new spell of terrible nature has been rumored. Apparently, 'cacophony of despair' has been used by various spell casters who follow one of a handful of terrible powers. Said to sound like dark whispers, curses, snarls, and screams, it overwhelms victims in a crescendo of disharmonies.

The Sacred Order has issued a warning that such dark power comes at a terrible price, and hopes the allure of such will not lead the good at heart astray.

Portal Established Under Warriors' Guild

After much effort, the Mages' Guild has completed work on a very special portal of blue flame, permanently linking the back corner of the storerooms under the Warriors' Guild to the chull warrens some great distance away, and also underground.

While serving as a standard portal, it prevents the chull from entering the Warrior's Guildhall, and those who enter the warrens by these means attract a bit of the blue flames from the portal, which serve to both light their way and to put off the normally aggressive chull, as these smallish, beastial creatures are somewhat backwards and quite superstitious.

Neophyte warriors often find short excusions into the chull warren quite rewarding, and many accomplished warriors counted adventures of that sort among their earliest experiences. One of the guild quartermasters is also close at hand to purchase such things as might be found in the chull warren, and for the first day, will also agree to keep watch over those needing sleep (as an innkeeper) and will assist neophyte warriors with their banking needs. He will continue to trade, but the roles of innkeeper and banker are, he assured us, quite temporary.

Already, a heady fervor has built up, with various unexperienced warriors racing through caverns and tunnels, terrorizing the chull natives. It's said the Guildmaster Wedge has chuckled about this, a whistful look in his eyes.

Easing the Pain of Dying

The Sacred Order has also brought the Herald some pleasant news. They have completed research on a prayer scroll. Their copyists have been quite busy, and after scribing a goodly amount of these scrolls, now offer them for sale (the Grand Patriarch will gladly let anyone buy one or more for a suitable donation to the Order.)

These simple scrolls serve as a lesser component, lending slight power to the casting of the 'raise dead' spell, easing the mana cost to the caster a bit and the lose of life force and experience to the formerly dead victim ever so slightly.

Sages tell of even greater strengths of components, generally falling into one of three categories: lesser (such as the prayer scroll), average or moderate, and greater or legendary.

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