Dakron Bae Weekly Herald
Issue Two

Loitering Reported in City Pet Shop

Recent crowds have been reported frequenting pet shops in Dakron Bae. Several wanderers in the Guild of Travellers have also mentioned similar occurances in distant cities, including Nadosk and Sogettek Harbor. According to Morgan, the longstanding proprietor of the City Pet Shop here in Dakron Bae, "Business is up, way up, with some folks buying a new pet every day. It's great, 'cept for a few folks who just keep hanging around, having me display pet after pet. Sure wish they'ld actually buy one."

Several Drownings Reported in Bay of Rantarius

Sadly, several wanderers and an aged vacationer have falled prey to some rather strong undertows in the Bay of Rantarius. The Council of Merchants wishes to caution tourists that, while the beach south of the city is a delightful locale to stroll or soak up the relative warmth of Dakron Bae, wading uncautiously in the ocean can easily lead one too far out from shore. For those unable to breath underwater, this can prove lethal. The Council also reminds all that those who chose to enter the ocean do so at their own risk. Sadly, one aged woman was simply trying to feed a pelican some dried fish she had recently purchased when she slipped off the end of the pier; she drowned before she could reach dry land.

Wilbert Reports Business Good

A recent interview with Wilbert, Master Alchemist for the Guild of Mages, disclosed that business has been brisk of late. Wilbert mentioned that, despite slightly cramped lab space and a less obvious location (now on the first floor of the new Guild of Mages tower, still on Seer Street), his business has been very good, with many adventurers bringing him exotic components, and occasionally rare potions.

Local Kids Continue to Pilfer Apples

A rash of petty thefts were reported this last week in the apple orchard outside the city's North Gate. Apple harvests remain good, as the trees produce exceptionally well, but local peasants were upset by the thefts nonetheless. "Them kids, takin' from folk who ain't got much now!"

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