Play FoxMUD

Tips for new MUDders

Start off by entering a name that noone else has chosen. Then follow the instructions on screen to create a new character.

When you are finished creating your character you will be dropped off in the MUD school. This will give you a bit of information on how to play the game. From the final room of the MUD school you can choose to proceed to the guild master of your prime class. If you proceed down from your guild master you will be able to explore the newbie area for your class. The monsters in this area are usually fairly weak and should be perfect to get you started out.

Use the Helps

If you have never played a MUD start out by typing help MUD (after you have finished creating your character).

FoxMUD has some awesome helps. To access help on a topic simply type in help followed by the topic you want help on. Want to know about fighting? type help fight. Movement? help movement. Noticed that your character is hungry? help hungry. You get the idea.

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