Character Creation Guide

FoxMUD Character Creation Guide

Character Creation

The actual act of creating your character is fairly simple, and its meant to be so, but the act of creating a good character is not simple and is either the act of a cummulation of game knowledge or extreme luck.  I am going to explain a few of the basics of creating a decent character so that you will be able to rule out the extreme luck variable and base your future character on something a bit more reliable. 

I will start off with the table below.  This table shows you the max possible value for each stat for each race.  This is important not because you will want to max a stat out right away but because the max value here is the maximum value your character will ever be able to have even with gear that gives you bonuses. 

Example: If your character's natural strength is 16 and you are wearing gear that has an accumulated bonus of +6 points to strength (not uncommon btw) your strength score would be boosted up to 22.  Now if you are a human character this is fine because your maximum possible str score is 22 but if you are a fairy and have a max strength of 19 then you would be wasting 3 points of strength.  Keep this in mind as you choose what race you want to be.  If you choose a class that requires a high score in a certain attribute then you should pick a race that cooresponds with it.

Max Stat Table by Race

race      str int wis dex con
human     22  22  22  22  22
dwarf     22  20  23  19  25
elf       20  25  21  22  20
zhorl     21  21  21  23  23
halfling  21  21  21  24  22
gnome     20  24  22  22  21
fairy     19  23  21  25  19
half orc  23  20  21  22  23
giant     25  19  20  21  24
drakin    21  22  25  19  22
half elf  21  23  22  22  22
merfolk   24  20  22  21  22
raptyr    22  22  19  23  23
tabor     22  21  24  20  23

Taken from Solo's finger note in FoxMUD.

Mana and Hit Points

The quick explaination of mana and hp(hit points) is this: hp determines the amount of damage your character can take before dying and mana determines the number of spells you can cast before becoming depleted.  If you run out of hp you die.  If you run out of mana you can simply rest and wait for it to regen.

Now that you know what mana and hp do you should understand why they are crucial to your character's success in FoxMUD.  Your character's mana and hp are greatly determined by the attribute scores you assign or roll for when your character is created.  The main determining factors in mana and hp are the int (intelligence), wis (wisdom), and con (constitution) scores your character has as well as the class order you choose (ie: warrior, mage, cleric, thief).

The Relationship Between Class Order and Stats

Your character will gain hp and mana based only on your Primary and Secondary class choices.  The Prime class will have the greatest effect on your stats as you level and the Secondary class will play a large part but not be as as potent as the first class choice.

For instance:  Character A is Prime Warrior, Secondary Cleric and Character B is Prime Cleric, Secondary Warrior and they both have the same constitution and wisdom scores.  Character A will have more hp then Character B even though they both have chosen Warrior as one of their first two classes.  Conversely Character B will have more mana then character A.  Keep in mind though just because the Secondary class does not impose its stat effects as greatly as the Prime class it does not mean it is not important.  If there were a Character C that was Primary Mage, Secondary Cleric that character would have only about half the hp of either Character A or B, but more mana than either A or B.

Your main casting class also determines what attribute will effect your mana.  If your main casting class is Cleric then your mana will be affected by wisdom.  If your main casting class is Mage then your mana we be affected by your intelligence. 

NOTE:  There is an exception to the rule of only gaining stat points from your Primary and Secondary classes.  When you choose Warrior and Thief as your first two classes you will gain mana based on your third class selection.  The mana gain will be even lower than mana gained from a Secondary class.

Constitution and HP

Constitution (con) is the stat that has the greatest effect on your hp.  for a level 40 a point of con will give between 25-70 hp.  For a character with a Prime class of Warrior the amount of hp you will receive for each point of con will be much higher then for someone who has chosen Mage as their primary class. 

Wisdom/Intelligence and Mana

Depending on what your class order is wisdom or intelligence will have a vital role in the amount of mana your character has.  Based on your class intelligence or wisdom will give you between 5-20 mana per point.

Strength (str)

Strength affects the amount of weight your character can carry and how heavy a weapon they can wield as well as giving you bonus hitroll and damage.  There is a ton of strength gear in the game.  If you want to max this stat out should assign it to something within about 8 or so points from your max. 

Intelligence (int)

If your main casting class is Mage then this attribute will affect the amount of mana you have.  With a higher int score it requires fewer practices to learn a skill.  Int also determines how many spells you can memorize.  Memorizing a spell lets you cast it later without using mana.  You get 1 mem slot for every int point over 10.  Only blasting spells can be memorized which makes this skill much more useful to mages, but once you hit high level as a cleric it will also be useful.  I created my Prime Cleric character with a natura int of 10 and with + int gear I can currently get it up to 18.  For a mage a high int is a must (17+).  Any class order that will rely on int for mana will benefit from a decent int score (14+).  For a cleric I don't recommend anything under 10 or for any class that would want to be able to memorize spells at a later time. 

Wisdom (wis)

If your main casting class is Cleric then this attribute will affect the amount of mana you have.  With a higher wis skill you will gain more practices each time you level.  Supposedly some skills also depend on wisdom, but I am not sure which ones.  For a Cleric I recommend a high wis score (17+).  For a character that depends on wisdom for mana I would recommend a decent wis score (14+).

Dexterity (dex)

The main benefit of Dex is getting a bonus to backstab damage.  If you are going to be a thief and are looking for that killer stab then make sure you max out your dex(with gear bonuses).  There are a few thieving skills that depend on dex to help them succeed.  If you are not going to be trying to accel at thievery then those skills should not make much difference.  Dex also gives you a bonus to AC (armor class) after a certain point.  I belive anything over 14 or so gives you an AC bonus.  On my particular char which is a Cleric, Warrior, Thief, Mage I chose to gimp my dex in order to free up points for other attributes.  I can't really say that I feel it was a bad idea.  If my character was a Thief I would want a dex of around 16 or so.

Constituion (con)

Con is one of the most important attributes.  It gives you hp.  You need hp to survive and you especially need it when you are soloing.  Even the Mage that can rely on his blasting power to end fights quickly will be more successful with a bit of hp.  I would recommend that no one make a character with a con of less than 16.  My current character is a dwarf with a natural con of 18 and with fortitude (a cleric buff) + gear I am able to reach my max con of 25.  That means if you want to max out your con you should plan on starting about 7 points short of your max.

Rolling Attributes vs. Assigning Attributes

When you assign you will get 64 points to distribute accross your attributes however you please (There may be a variance depending on race but it is only a point or so).  When you roll you usually end up with a total of much less then 64 and it is very hard to get what you want where you want it.  That being said, I have rolled a char with a total attribute score of 72.  It took me hours though to get both a high roll and a roll that had decent scores in all the attributes I wanted.  My current main character is a Lord char at level 42 (43 being max Prime level) and it has assigned attributes.  I am very happy with this character. 


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